todi, italy - our fairytale italian wedding in the hills of umbria

This June, the day before Father's Day, in front of a hundred of our friends and family who came in from southern Italy, Germany, and the States, I married my sweetheart at the top of a hill in Umbria, Italy.

My best friend did my hair, I wore my grandmother's earrings and the bracelet Alex bought me in Paris, my father walked me down an aisle lined with rose petals, my new father-in-law twirled me around the dance floor, my new husband hobbled around on crutches, we stuffed our faces with the most delicious cake in the world... and our two sets of families and friends, speaking a handful of different languages, were united.

Here's the short version, by the insanely talented and absolutely wonderful Uli of THANK YOU ULI!

As for the long version? Let's start from the beginning.

We were married in the hills outside of Todi, a tiny town in Umbria, the rolling wine country south of Tuscany.

[Photos by the absolutely spectacular ERIN AND GABRI]

Our venue for the ceremony, reception & dinner was the TENUTA DI CANONICA, whose tireless and hard-working staff treated us like family. I couldn't possibly say enough about how much I love this place or how grateful I am for how hard everyone worked to make absolutely every last detail completely perfect. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

I borrowed my parents' room to get dressed in, and we cracked open the bubbly.


My dad, totally crashing my 'getting ready' party and grabbing himself a glass of champagne, like a boss. I love this photo.



Alex limps down the aisle. [He broke his foot a month earlier in Sardinia.]

Followed by our best friends, without whom this entire party would've been a shambles.

And then my father and I.

Exchange of rings...

... a kiss....

...and we're married!

Our absolutely lovely old-school Italian band.

We trekked out to snap some photos, with Alex taking frequent breaks to rest his poor foot.

Alex needed a break every now and then from standing, so we made the best use of the stunning landscape.

Cue my best friend and maid of honor as husband stand-in.

We rejoined the party, where guests were getting eager for dinner.


The tables were all set...

I was absolutely in love with our rustic table set-up (by our florist, ROMINA VIRGILI).

Toasts all around!

Some bunny ears from my dad (iPhone photos from Susan!).

Photo by Uwe.

Dancing to 'Strangers in the Night' with my man.

Thank you Uwe for this photo!

And 'God Only Knows' [where I'd be without you....] by the Beach Boys with my father.

Not falling on my face with Alex's father, who is actually a spectacular dancer.

And.... PARTY!

This day was the best reminder that I have some wonderful, top-notch, insanely gorgeous friends...

... and family. Thank you all so, so much to everyone who came, ate, partied, and drank the entire bar clean. We love you more than words can express, and we tried to throw you one hell of a party to thank you for celebrating our love. Hope you'll remember it and love it as much as we do.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Erin and Gabri
EVENT VENUE: Tenuta di Canonica, in Todi, Umbria, Italy
WEDDING PLANNER: Maria at the Tenuta di Canonica
HAIR, MAKEUP, DETAILS: the best in the business and the first love of my life, my BFF Susan
DRESS: Carla Zampatti (from a few seasons ago, and scored on!)

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