washington, dc - december 23-30

alex and i spent the end of the year (and the beginning of the next) on the east coast of the states. this was my first trip home since moving to europe in may, and i had grandiose plans of taking alex, who has never been to DC, everywhere and showing him everything, in some kind of bid to break him down and make him see that the DC-MD-VA area is clearly superior to living in the center of europe, 3 hours from paris and milan and munich. instead, everyone in my family came down with a cold, and i spent the entire trip on the couch under a blanket next to my dad, in a chair under a blanket, watching tv.

alex took the initiative to leave me behind to see the monuments and sights and museums, while i got to see about 200 episodes each of "pawn star" and "breaking bad" and one redskins game (they lost, SURPRISE). it was really win-win.

upon landing at dulles, pretty much the very first thing i did was run into the arms of this lady. we got manicures, had some drinks, and then continued round two the next morning, with mimosas. and festive hats.

in german, pigs in a blanket are called "sausage in pajamas." in spanish, they are called "los pigs in a blanket". never say you never learned anything from this blog.
my picture-taking was obstructed by my mimosa-holding. and then i left my phone at susan's house so i didn't take any pictures on christmas (BRILLIANTLY DONE.). except for this gem, the annual mckeehan family christmas portrait, this year, with the addition of future spouses!

way to go, monty.

top priority: going for a ride in this little beauty. see that proud smile?


^ this is my dad and i simultaneously going "MOOOOOOONTY." srsly dad you are retired, use your time and management skills to train that dog to pose for photos properly.

reunited with my bestie for a couple's date at the best greek restaurant in the world.

day trip to annapolis so alex could try crab dip (with a bloody mary made with old bay). i insisted this experience was tantamount to going to DC and seeing the white house, or going to new york and seeing the statue of liberty or times square or whatever. YOU JUST MUST DO IT. also i believe i called crab dip "the only good thing maryland has ever done." sorry, maryland.

apologies to my brother and future sister-in-law, who were (unbeknownst to us) dining at dock street next door. apologies because you made the wrong dining choice. ZING.

day trip to georgetown, one of my favorite spots of dc. my dad and i used to come here and scour the record shops and boutiques and have lunch on the waterfront. and later, summer-time kayaking and runs along the canal. my mommy came with us!!

and then i was felled by a furious cold. alex went downtown armed with google maps to find all the monuments himself. my dad and i watched the redskins lose horribly while eating ramen soup. good times.

national air & space museum.

alex asked me what the name of this monument was, and i said, "the washington monument," and then realized how uncreative and dull that is? SO DC.

alex did not follow my instructions and took no selfies. not a one. i'm not sure what stopped him. dignity? whatever.

next up: the catskills for new year's eve, and then new york city!

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