new york city, ny - january 2-6

i lived in new york city for almost 10 years, first in the east village of manhattan as an NYU student and then in brooklyn as the owner of sandwich, the pit bull. we decided to stay in the east village, because my memories of the east village include restaurants, bars, and interesting sights, and my memories of brooklyn include my dog's preferred places to poop. it was a close call, lots of debate back and forth.

the best part of this trip was buying an "i heart ny" t-shirt that will never leave my body and which i am trying to convince alex is appropriate bridal attire for our wedding day.

nyc view from east river park, brooklyn

no, of course, the best part of this trip was seeing my friends and old apartments and haunts and streets and neighborhoods i used to know like the back of my hand. this is the one city i felt truly at home in, and will always carry around with me in my heart. it was good to be home.

driving into nyc
driving into the city from the catskills.

union square nyc

east village nyc

we stayed in an apartment found through airbnb -- meaning we stayed in a local's apartment while she was out of town. it was smack dab in the middle of the east village, and had a gorgeous (and humongous) balcony out back.

east village nyc

breakfast pizza b bar nyc
breakfast pizza: pizza with bacon and eggs in lieu of tomato sauce. NYC, yo.

east river park nyc skyline view

east river park nyc view

east river park nyc view

breakfast blt b bar bowery nyc
breakfast BLT at b bar on the bowery, an old haunt.

east river park brooklyn nyc skyline view

east river park brooklyn nyc skyline view

the met nyc
the met -- on "the most crowded day we've had in a few years", of course.

brooklyn waterfront dumbo nyc skyline view

metropolitan ave g street subway nyc

east river park brooklyn nyc skyline view

williamsburg brooklyn graffiti

east river park brooklyn nyc skyline view

soho manhattan nyc

metropolitan ave g train subway brooklyn nyc

east river park brooklyn skyline view nyc

i heart ny shirt

as you can see by our t-shirts, at the end of our trip we had totally assimilated and become locals. my shirt is true, new york, i do love you, and i hope i get to see you again pronto.
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sepatuholig-Grace Njio said...

Great photos! Looks like youre having a blasttt!!!

Kat Tanita (With Love From Kat) said...

Looks like you had so much fun!! Come back soon!!

x Kat

Настя Драма said...

Amazing pics!) So colorful!)



emi said...

LOVE this. new york is always a dream, and i'm sure especially once you've lived there!


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