catskills, ny - december 30 - january 2

for new year's eve in new york, alex and i considered getting dressed up and going to one of those $200 per person all-you-can-drink parties that take over the city. or standing for 12+ hours in times square peeing in diapers, disgustingly sober (no drinking in public in america! puritans.). and then, i proposed renting a cabin on 30 acres of secluded forest in the catskill mountains. alex hesitated until i told him there would be a hot tub outside where we would drink champagne as the snow fell, under the stars. and wifi. done and done.

we stayed at the herbal bear, a three-hour drive from new york city. it was absolutely perfect for us. we had 30 acres all to ourselves -- including a frozen over swimming hole, wild woods, and steep cliffs. no noise from traffic, trams, neighbors, nothing.

we started our new years eve with a good long hike.

actually it was not a long hike because i did not bring hiking boots. i brought sneakers?

an elegant picture of me casually slipping in the snow.

so, basel is quite warm. on the december afternoon we left for our american holiday, it was 60 degrees. when we stepped out of our cabin into the woods, it was.... i think it was 10 degrees. i panicked with fear and incomprehension, and wore every layer we'd brought.

extremely glad we made alex watch "a christmas story" for this first time on this trip. so proud.

thoroughly frozen, we went home and dived straight into the hot tub, with a bottle of prosecco (generously gifted from my parents to alex for christmas - thank you!).

i love when my life looks straight out of a rap video.

and then alex grilled hand-made burgers for dinner. with bacon. and eggs. and cheese. we had these with champagne, of course (again, thank you mom & dad!).

the bacon was turkey bacon, so, 0.5% healthier.

happy new year!
making s'mores in our wood-burning stove
we spent the first year of 2015 hiking in the woods and drinking in our hot tub. no complaints.


sorry, mom.
alex poses for the j. peterman catalog.

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Helen Chik said...


That looks like such an amazing getaway and the outdoor jacuzzi must be awesome. I've been to a cabin in our wine country with an outdoor spa it was amazing!

I've recently relaunched my website and would love if you could stop by and check it out! Let me know what you think xx

Helen xx

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