milan, italy - december 5-7

hello! sorry for the radio silence. it turns out that being in grad school full time while working two part-time jobs means you don't have a lot of time to travel? so for the past few months i've been more or less stuck in front of a computer screen crying. thankfully, my semester is now officially over, and i was very lucky to join alexander and his parents, sisters, and sisters' boyfriends on a family road trip to milan. not so thankfully, during this trip i had a horrible, terrible, ridiculously disgusting cold that i had had for the past TWO WEEKS. also, my camera (by which i mean my iPhone) is broken. so, i didn't take a lot of pictures, and the pictures i took aren't that great. hooray! enjoy!

milan is a 3.5 hour drive from basel. alex & i were the last to arrive on friday night, and we all had a big family dinner in our beautiful fancy hotel.

on the left side of the table is alex, me, alex's sister celestina, celestina's boyfriend simon. on the right is alex's mum, dad, sister caterina, and cateria's boyfriend carsten.

the next morning, we set off on a nice walk through milan, wandering in and out of bakeries and shops as they caught our eye. the weather was fantastic -- sunny and quite warm!

the marziale kids in a row! l to r: celestina, simon, caterina, carsten, alex, shorty.

the city was all dressed up for christmas and looked very beautiful in the sunlight!

marziales sharing roasted chestnuts in front of the duomo. so, so, so so good.

i think alex remarked that it was the first time in months he'd felt the warm sun shining on his face, so obviously i responded by insisting we take a "sun selfie". this is my "i have gone through 16 boxes of kleenex in the past three days" face. sry :/

with mama and papa marziale!

oh no big deal, just your average mall in milan, whatevs.

this is when i made us take an "elevator selfie" on our way to dinner on saturday night and alex is obviously way too cool for such a thing. i am clearly thrilled to be wearing makeup and real clothes and HEELS instead of sweatpants stuffed with kleenex.

our restaurant on saturday night! it was dark and cozy and beautiful.

it was truffle season in milan and, at alex's dad's instance, we all indulged. [note: you know europe is making me classy when i no longer associate "truffle" with chocolate but with an extremely expensive delicious delicacy. wikipedia tells me that in december 2009 some truffles were being sold at $14,203.50 per kilogram. hopefully in december 2014 the price had gone down a bit, for the sake of alex's dad, who very generously was treating us all to dinner!]

here is alex's mum having truffles shaved over her steak tartare. the picture is of excellent quality because it was not taken by me nor with my phone. maybe i should outsource the photography of this blog?

here we all are! i swear despite this picture i am not pregnant. well, not with a human baby. with a pasta baby. it's a boy! i call him guido.

my favorite classy couple.

and then it was all too soon before we had to drive back to switzerland. thankfully, the view on the way home wasn't so bad. ciao for now, italy!

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