rome, italy - august 26-31

here are last of the photos we took on our 2-week italian vacation, and with some very good timing too: i'm posting these the day before our 1 year anniversary. alex and i met 364 days ago in italy. then 91 days ago, we got engaged in italy. and we're looking forward to having our wedding in italy.... in about 730 days :) it's amazing to look back at all the posts in this blog and see what alex and i have done together over the last year. and i'm very excited for many, many more years of adventures with the love of my life. ok, enough mushy stuff -- onto roma.

this was my lunch on our roadtrip from amalfi coast over to rome: the massively advertised "winner taco". i am pretty sure in america we call these "choco-tacos". it was EVERYTHING. i am going to convince alex to serve a winner taco buffet at our wedding in lieu of cake.

we made no plans for rome. every day, we wandered around aimlessly. it was 10,000 degrees and sunny and everything was bright blue and yellow. we had an absolutely terrific time.

on our random walks around our neighborhood (trastevere), we kept passing the world's tiniest, coziest, most beautifully old-school looking italian restaurant. on our first bite, we were hooked. we would eat there twice more before we left, befriending all the staff, and spend many hours trying to figure out how to fit our 120-person wedding party into a restaurant fit for maybe 20. still working on that one.

roscioli's, thank you for everything. we can't wait to eat with you again, for every meal, next time we're in town!

alex somehow convinced me to do a cultural thing (sigh). we went to the vatican museum, where i was too intimidated to take pictures expect for these two gems: you're welcome, world.

he fits right in!

after hours of wandering around vatican city, we booked it back to roscioli's for lunch.

this picture is notable because i think this is the first time alex and i have ever not been able to clean our plates. we.... were a little ambitious with ordering. ahem.

i call this one "alex in food coma with limoncello".

the next day, we suited up and decided to do an insane amount of walking. since i'd taken a couple days off from taking photos, i tried to overcompensate on this day. enjoy!

pause for lunch: alex and his beloved panini.

we stood perplexed over this sign for a while: what makes an american breakfast "full"?

gelato was obtained, naturally.

after all of that walking, we were completely and utterly demolished. we rested up and then refuelled at... roscioli's.

the world's most amazing perfect heavenly cacio e pepe.

my entree: grilled fish of the day with apples soaked in olive oil. amazing. ridiculous.

i have absolutely no idea what alex ordered. something italian? it looks like tofu but i KNOW it's not tofu, because: alex.

roscioli's, thank you for making rome one of the best foodie experiences of my life. see you soon! xoxo

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