amalfi coast, italy - august 22-26

after a week in san nicandro with alex's family, we sadly left our beautiful, warm home with delicious food and wonderful people and hit the road in our rental north to the amalfi coast. we spent the next few days driving around the winding coast, stopping in all the local towns built into the hillsides, eating limoncello and gelato and swimming whenever we could.

this is positano, and after about ten minutes of walking around, it flew up to the top of our list for possible wedding locations!

we pulled into the coast just in time for sunset and dinner.

we spent so long walking around, gawking at how beautiful everything about the town was, that night fell before we grabbed a seat for dinner.

eventually, our rumbling stomachs were satisfied: i had the pesce del giorno, as usual!

the next day we were up bright and early for a boat tour to Capri. there were three other couples on the boat with us from various countries, which would've been great, except that i was massively sea-sick and spent 90% of the boat tour lying on the deck trying not to vomit on everyone.

still had a nice view though! ;)

i pulled myself together for 10 seconds to sit up and yelled at alex "TAKE MY PICTURE, THIS IS YOUR ONLY CHANCE." he is so lucky to have me.

we anchored briefly to jump into the water. i was maybe the first person to jump in, figuring sea sickness would be better actually *in* the sea. i know, FOOLPROOF LOGIC there, michelle.

here is our boat and the rest of the guys ready to jump in after me.

we pulled into capri and i sprinted off the boat so fast i left all our money and my cell phone/camera behind on the boat. when alex pointed this out i was like "WE'LL GET IT LATER." that was the extent of my sickness. finding this unacceptable, logical alex went and asked our boat driver for what we'd left behind. smart.

on land, i felt better! we had three hours to roam around capri and stuff our faces. i demanded that we climb straight uphill for 30 minutes in 100 degree heat so we could "earn" our lunch. again: alex is so lucky to have me in his life.

this was our view from the top.... well worth it, i think!

alex's reward for bearing with me was this HUMONGOUS PIZZA. if you can't tell how large this thing is (it is folded over on itself), here is alex below with it for reference:

and he ate every last bite!

we headed back to the boat during golden hour, my favorite time of day...

and cleaned up at the hotel before heading out to dinner with an incredible view. here are our starters: proscuitto & melone for me (always makes me think of you, pa!) and... i don't remember for alex. ravioli?

the next day we decided to go swimming in a super secret swimming hole. getting down here requires a rough hike, but we are brave and hardy (HAHAHA). somehow, we survived.

the swimming hole is pretty small, and people just sort of set up camp on the rocks around it.

the day before, on our boat tour, we had peeked into the super secret swimming hole through this little opening. it was neat to be on the other side the next day and wave to all the boats that came!

after our little swim, we scampered back up out of the rough and put on our fresh clean clothes.

...for a little impromptu muscle show-off competition.

i totally think i won that one. not awkward at all. 100% fluid grace.

there's mt. vesuvius!

exhausted from our muscle competition/shameless photoshoot, we decided we needed to refuel with cold beers and food. we followed a sign that said "american bar" to a treacherous-looking footbridge...

and eventually made it to the cafe. the cafe lacks walls, so i am guessing this is a seasonal outlet.

beers were immediately ordered. (as usual, alex had to finish my beer after i drank 10% of it and decided, for the 1,000,000th time of my life, "i shouldn't have ordered a whole beer" and launched into my now well-known speech on how they should sell beer in much, much smaller amounts than whole bottles, for whiney babies like me.)

drunk and full, we went to read and nap on the rocks for a little bit.

the next day we decided to split into halves. alex's half, in the morning, we spent swimming.

and for my half, we returned to positano to continue stuffing our faces and wedding location scouting!

this restaurant, capitano, is where we had dinner on our first night, with an absolutely amazing view of the city and the water.

alex was very pleased with the "di gennaro" parking sign (it is his family name).

we finally sat down to lunch at something like 4pm. exhausted alex is so adorable :)

the next day was a bit of a grab bag: some aimless walking around random cities up and down the coast...

and then back to our hotel to hang around by the pool, drinking gin and tonics!

i had to post this picture because i look GREAT. learn how to handle the squint, alex! sorry, i love you.

this is me "swimming". quotes absolutely necessary if you have ever seen me "swim" in person.

the next day, more driving around, limoncello hunting!

the roads are, naturally, super-tiny. there are 10,000,000 motor-scooters on the roads because they are so small and agile and capable of swerving around cars at 800 mph. the above traffic jam resulted when two busses tried to pass each other on a curve. the motorscooters formed an angry line, the bus drivers got out to direct traffic, cars were made to reverse.... the whole process took 15 minutes. italy has the BEST traffic.

our vacation wasn't over yet, of course. next up: rome!

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