lago di como, italy - july 5-7, 2014

alex booked us a weekend in lake como, italy. we left rainy basel on a saturday morning and arrived in bright, sunny, breathtaking como in the afternoon. little did i know, alex had a little trick up his sleeve for this trip...

this is the first picture i took, on our drive into como. the roads are.... tight. this is a two-lane road, and also includes a sidewalk and bike path -- on both sides. alex was a little tense while driving.

thankfully, upon arriving at our hotel, we were able to instantly relax -- due to the incredible view, and the prosecco alex had ordered to the room! {we stayed at taverna bleu, which was in absolutely every respect incredible, and which wrenches the title of "best hotel ever" as ranked by me from circa 1905 in barcelona}

here is alex out on our balcony, very proud of himself for what he is about to do...

before i knew it, alex was on one knee, with a very beautiful diamond in his hands!

i said "YES!"and suddenly understood the prosecco!

very good work, alexander.

prosecco was popped.

and enjoyed with disbelieving grins. future mrs. dr. tall handsome european scientist phD, right here!

luckiest girl alive.

overjoyed and a little buzzed, we set out to explore.

obviously, there was a stop for gelato...

we went back to our hotel to get cleaned up for dinner, and then began a harrowing drive to the restaurant.

worth repeating: a two-lane road.

dinner was at la fagurida, as per a recommendation. it was remarkable, beyond words. we started with an antipasto plate and a beautiful red.

 alex's view. :)
 my view.

we ordered three entrees (ahem; no judgement, we're on vacation and we're celebrating an engagement). fish for me, caught from the lake, with insanely delicious polenta. an entree of grilled vegetables to split. and a steak for alex. and then, we saw alex's steak.

right out of the flinstones.

and he ate every bite.

we crossed our fingers and prayed to everyone we could think of that the owner (who also works as waitress) would forget about the vegetables... and we were spared. though i think less that she "forgot" than she knew our eyes were bigger than our stomachs! in any case, we were extremely grateful.

we woke up the next morning to a bright and beautiful day, and admired the view from our balcony before heading to breakfast downstairs.

at breakfast, we continued to admire the view!

and then we set out to see what we could see.

we decided to take a two-hour boat trip up the coast to bellagio for lunch. there is almost nothing i love in the world more than boats (maybe sunshine, and food?), so i was very happy (and snap-happy!) about this.

^ scouting out possible wedding venues!

in bellagio, we found a hole-in-the-wall winery called cava turacciolo off the beaten tourist track, and settled down to an absolutely fantastic meal. meats, cheeses, prosecco and white wine. perfection.

 after lunch, we took a little walk/waddle before we had to hop back on the boat.

we passed a little church and i dipped in to light a candle for my dad :)

and then found a swingset. i wanted to do a jumping dismount like you always do from a swing when you're 7, but alex pointed at my heels and gave me a frown.

we hopped back on the boat for another two hour ride back down to como.

stole the captain's hat for a second when he wasn't looking.

i was a little enthusiastic about being on a boat again. sorry alex.

back in sala comancina, and hot and sticky from the boat ride, we decided to take a dip in the lake. 

 someone is making her excited face!

stuck the iphone in a waterproof case and dove in! alex is a happy boy.

this was, truly, one of the most incredible, breathtakingly beautiful, relaxing things i've ever done.

and then i ruined the magic by getting stuck while putting on my dress. you're welcome, internet.

got cleaned up for dinner. we had no reservation, so took a little walk while waiting for a lakeside table at regina 131.

here is alex pretending to kiss me so as not to wear a mouthful of chanel lipstick.

tableside. no food pics! too dark.

back at the hotel, we ordered two gin & tonics from room service and drank them outside, staring at the sky and the lake. not bad.

the next morning, we woke up to a cloudy, dreary day.

alex took a peek and decided we should stay in bed for a while.

i had no objections!

eventually we reluctantly got dressed to say our goodbyes to como.

and before you knew it, the sun was out, and it was a beautiful day.


we had a happy drive back to basel, engaged and in love and still a little drunk on como magic. i can't believe it, but i actually love italy more now: it is where i met the love of my life, and where we became engaged! now, to start planning for the big italian wedding...

see you in a couple weeks, italy!

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