bodensee, germany - july 19-20, 2014

after a few days of rain and heavy gray skies, we took a weekend trip to lake constance to swim and soak up some sun. lake constance is shared between germany, austria, and switzerland. alex used to come here as a kid with his family on summer weekends. we took a car ferry across the lake from the swiss side to the german side to spend the weekend.

we drove through winding swiss scenery until we reached a harbor. i always fall alseep within 30 seconds of getting into any car/train/bus/airplane, and this roadtrip was no different. i woke up when alex navigated our car directly towards a boat, and i became a little worried. "are we... driving onto a boat?" i asked with some sleepy anxiety. "mmm," he replied. and there we were, in a car on a boat on a lake.

we took the ferry from the swiss side of the lake to the german side. some people sat in their cars the whole time; alex i and grabbed seats for the views. when our ferry pulled in, we drove off the boat and to the lake for an afternoon swim and some lunch.

alex swimming with the fishes (in the non-mafia sense).

perhaps it is evident from this photo that i cannot really "swim", but i am quite adept at "struggling in the water".

voted people's choice, cutest couple 2014.

all that swimming worked up an appetite. we spread out in a sunny spot on the shore with alex's homemade sandwiches and (store-bought) beer.

after lunch, we drove out to mainau island, a garden island in the middle of lake constance.


"how should i pose? um.... this? does this look good?"

oh yeah that's REAL better, michelle.

now accepting modeling applications!

the heat and sun and flowers were getting to us. we took a pit stop for a cold beer.

of course i am drinking white wine in a beer garden at 3pm on a sunny saturday, because that is clearly the appropriate beverage for that occasion.

the next day, we drove back to basel, and stopped on the way at rheinfall, which is the waterfall that is the source of the rhine. it is the "largest plain waterfall in europe" (not sure what the "plain" here means... are there "special" waterfalls?) and cannot be climbed by any fish, except eels. thank you, wikipedia. never say you never learned anything from this blog.

alex in our little yellow boat, heading towards the falls.

this was taken on top of the falls; see the tiny little yellow boat out there?

it was hard to capture in photos, because mostly there was just a lot of spray and foam everywhere, making everything look like a white wall. but in person, it was beautiful, and terrifying, and awesome. and if you have something better than a crappy 5-year-old iphone to take pictures with, you may have more success? free tip from a real pro, right there. you're welcome.

and, before you knew it, we were back on our way to basel to get some rest for the upcoming workweek. at least we had a beautiful drive, as always!

"bitter sweet symphony" playing on the radio. SO APT.

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