munich, germany - may & june, 2014

these are snaps from when we roadtripped to munich in may and june. we went in may for a first communion, and in june with alex's friend jeff, who was doing a eurotour to celebrate getting his phD. on both trips, there was exponentially more eating and drinking than taking pictures!

our first stop was bavarian breakfast at cafe maria, part of a trinity (maria, josef and jesus) of sister restaurants/bars/cafe all next to each other on one block.

alex taught me how to properly eat a weisswurst. it takes me about 3 minutes to 'open' a weisswurst, whereas for alex it takes about 30 seconds. i'm getting there.

i was mostly excited about the pretzel.

for the rest of our time in munich, it was quite rainy, and my phone stayed in my pocket.

in june, we were happy to return during the world cup. our first night out to dinner was at a lovely italian restaurant, where we met alex's friend. both were cheering for italy and rocked blue jerseys at our white tablecloth dinner. this is them singing the national anthem along with the team:

the next day, alex led us around the town to see the sights. he gave a very serious political and historical tour with lots of hitler highlights, and of course my favorite thing was the "standing wave" at the edge of the english garden, right in the city center.

across the water is the beergarden where we devoured huge jugs of beer and pretzels.

hanging around the beer garden, a little buzzed, alex was overcome with a wonderful idea -- and refused to tell me what it was. after a long walk, we ended up at the Pinakothek to see my absolute favorite painting in the flesh -- Van Gogh's sunflowers.

then i made us sit on the chair opposite the sunflowers and stare at it for approximately 45 minutes. i only cried a tiny, little bit. one of the best, sweetest surprises i've ever received. alex had promised to take me to see this painting the first time we ever met, back in sardinia in october.

the next morning, we took jeff for his first bavarian weisswurst breakfast. alex did not tell him there was a special way to eat them and so jeff just dug in, and alex replied, "well, you've fucked it up." jeff was brought onto course for the next sausage.

here is alex looking proud in front of his family shop (closed today-- sunday), where we spent many hours slugging sausages and balsamic reduction.

tummies full of sausage and beer, alex made us climb 306 steps to get to the top of a tower in the city center to have a panoramic view of the munich.

after that climb up and down, we were thirsty and needed drinks. we headed to alex's favorite little square. thoroughly boozed up (my lunch was two "hugo"s, a delicious european cocktail with sparkling white wine), i dragged jeff and alex to the square's center to take "romantic pictures."

and we ended our tour at the isar, my favorite part of all of munich.

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