charleston, south carolina - mar. 26-30, 2014

at the end of march, alex flew into jfk and we hopped into a rental car with my pitbull, sandwich, and drove 4 hours down to my parents house in dc. alex met my parents for the first time (well, officially, the second time meeting my dad...!) over my mom's home cooking, and then bright and early the next morning we picked up my bff susan for the 8 hour drive down to charleston, south carolina.

this is one of my all-time favorite pictures of susan and i -- singing and dancing at the top of our lungs to one direction, some 6 hours into the drive...

perhaps susan and i were so spastic because we'd made a pit stop for donuts -- approximately 15 minutes after we started driving. the sugar high lasted us well through our next pit stop:

yep, we had to. we stretched our legs and made new friends.

this series of three pictures with the yellow gorilla pretty much encapsulate our friendship:

we left begrudgingly, but had to hit the road to make it to charleston in time for a big group dinner. i have just one photo:

afterwards we met val for a drink. apparently the lighting was super red.

a terrifying, horrible picture of us. posted online for posterity.

the next day we spent sight-seeing downtown. we started off the morning at kaminsky's, with what i've referred to as "alcoholic milkshakes" ever since my last trip down to charleston to see susan many, many years ago. actually, i think alex was a responsible adult and ordered something normal like an iced coffee. whatever. YOLO.

this seems to be a common theme in photos with susan and i: try to pose and look cute, then someone says something and we both crack up.

 nice and buzzed, we took a lovely walk to the waterfront.


this is one of the best, clearest, fresh memories of my life: lying next to susan on the dock, looking at the sky, talking out all our feelings. many thanks to alex for sneaking this photo -- it means a lot to me. i love this girl.

the next day, we left charleston and drove north into columbia, site of the carolinas cup. this is a horserace where everyone gets dressed up in super obnoxious colors, parks themselves in tents all day, and gets smashed while eating copious amounts of delicious southern food.

in the morning, a line of men formed so that susan could tie their bow-ties.

 men lookin' schnazzy. that's calvin working the blue steel.

at some point, i had an actually pretty picture of susan and i in our super flowery finery. now, all i have left is the version in which young colton photobombed. basically directly after this photo was taken, i would proceed to play catch with this young man for approximately the next two hours.

do i have any actual pictures of horses racing? definitely not. way too busy playing football and raiding the snack tent / drink cooler. this is the closest i got -- alex in front of the track, photobombed by one of my football teammates:

can't wait to go back.

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