paris, france - jan. 2-5, 2014

alex let me pick any city in europe to spend the first few days of the year together in. naturally, i picked paris. the last time i was in paris was after a blitzkreig "chateau tour" of france when i was 15; we had something insane like a 5 hour bus ride to paris, then 2 free hours in paris, and then we were on a flight back stateside. my memory has the line "i hate paris" in it but, to be fair, i think the correct memory is "the chateau tour sucked and why did we only spend 2 hours in paris?" basically, i was very excited for a re-do of this very romantic city with my sweetheart.

here is me at 4am on the tgv platform doing an excited dance for alex. if it is unclear from these photos, my "excited dance" is the egyptian shumba.

 after a speedy three-hour train ride, we were in paris!

with a spread of mediterranean mezze and a bit of wine for lunch.

late-night cab ride back to le marais.

after breakfast, an espresso for the boy and a cognac for her. ahem. nothing says paris like congnac for breakfast, right?!

we found le tour! alex is making a grumpy face because he hates cliche tourist photos and i am ALL ABOUT them.

always, always lost.

amazing, incredible, mind-blowing african breakfast at a little hole-in-the-wall.

PONT NEUF! i flipped out because of the scene from the cinematic masterpiece "the bourne identity": 5:30PM. PARIS. TODAY. PONT NEUF. YOU COME ALONE. YOU WALK TO THE MIDDLE OF THAT BRIDGE. YOU TAKE OFF YOUR JACKET. FACE EAST.

late-night crepe stop.

alex, ever the gentleman (and chronic over-packer), carries all our luggage en route to gare de lyon.

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