spiez, switzerland - dec. 30 & 31, 2013

alex moved to switzerland from california in october, and we had to endure three whole months apart before i would meet him in europe right after christmas. we spent new year's in spiez, switzerland, land of ze winter sport, before heading to paris.

after a leisurely drive through the swiss country-side, we checked into our hotel (we stayed at the strandhotel belvédère) and ate lunch on our balcony, enjoying the view.

then back in the car and through the mountains to schilthorn mountain, where we took a cable car (or rather, five or six cable cars) up to the top. the building at the top is piz gloria, from the bond film "on her majesty's secret service," now home to a restaurant with a panoramic view of the bernese alps.

this is the first selfie alex & i ever took together -- in line for a cable car on a mountain. guy behind us giving his best pose for the occasion.

we posed with the bond cardboard cut-outs at the top. notice how everyone around me is wearing winter boots and snowboarding gear, and i am wearing heels without socks. typical.

when actually in danger of losing a few toes, i casually/super nonchalantly invited alex to warm up with tea at the panoramic restaurant, to watch the sun set over the mountains.

disgusted by our disappointing view, we went to bond world. alex is a giddy bond fan boy, so he was in his happy place.

playing around with the "transform yourself into a OHMSS character".

and then up bright and early the next morning --- the last day of the year, dec. 31 --- for a day of tobogganing! we took a train to the top of jungfraujoch and then tobogganed back down.

all kitted out properly for winter this time-- no heels.

some of us were more successful at tobogganing than others. ahem.

everything hurt a lot at the end of the day. thankfully, our hotel had an amazing spa and heated pool, the perfect way to soothe our aching muscles. (we are old.)

finally warmed up and thawed out, we shuffled like penguins to new year's eve dinner and then drank champagne on our balcony and watched fireworks over the lake. the next morning, we made sure to get one last dip in the hotel's heated pool -- the absolute best thing about that place -- before heading off for paris.

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